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Quiss - Pro color Long Lasting

Quiss - Pro color Long Lasting

6 ml

Palette Collection PRO color Long Lasting consists of the actual colors developed on the basis of an analysis of fashion trends and trends according to the Pantone Institute.
Plastic texture and convenient brush provides flexible nature of the varnish.
During the first 30 seconds of the application allows you to adjust yourself, not lying down
hillocks. Gloss and shine to the finish as a professional after coating at the salon.
Resistance of varnish to 4 days.
It removed easily without staining the nails and the skin around them.

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Brief About us

“Cosmetic-Service” Ltd manufactures nail lacquer, nail care (treatments) and nail lacquer removers more than 20 years and nowadays is the leader in this segment in Ukraine. One of the best nail lacquer manufacturer company in Europe.
- Nail lacquer: for bright nails, gel coating (gel effect), for the design of nails, french manicure, etc. A lot of colors in the palette of paints.
- Nail lacquer remover: acetone, acetone free; Professional nail lacquer remover: gel nail polish remover, sticky layer remover, removing the acrylic.
- Nail care lacquer: cuticle to strengthen, restore, recovery, growth and nutrition of the nail plate, etc.

We produce such nameplates of nail lacquer as:
“NOGOTOK”“NOGOTOK PRO”“NYD”, “MAXI color”“Happy nails”, "Nail Fitness", "Quiss".
and we cooperate with many national retailers and companies, which are situated abroad in the area of contract manufacture (Private Label).

We always guarantee the high quality (BIG5FREE) of our products at the best price.